How to choose shoes for flat feet 2021

How to choose shoes for flat feet

Walking is one of the easiest and most effective forms of exercise as long as you are not dealing with foot pain. Have you got an issue with flat feet or having trouble choosing the right shoes for you? Here is a breakthrough for you to overcome the problem. Flat feet are not any kind of abnormality but sometimes it affects you causing pain in the joints and feet. selecting the right shoe can make you more comfortable. Flat feet people should choose a shoe that is wide and well fitted. You should avoid shoes that are narrow and compressed. Flat feet people can prefer shoes with low heels that will help in support.

Flat Feet

A flat foot is a problem in which many people face trouble when there is no arch present in the foot. There were no special featured shoes for arch support at the early times, Flat feet which are also known as “Fallen arches”. There is research that approximately 25% of Americans suffer from these circumstances,

They were used to this situation but during the Vietnam war many of the young men were rejected from their service just because of their flat feet, The reason was simply that the soldiers have to cover a long distance and those who have flat feet cannot easily travel such a long distance by foot, They were having serious trouble after having a walk for miles.

The flat shoe can be caused by 2 reasons, the 1st one hereditary or genetic and the 2nd is by accidentally. It is a condition where the foot has little or has no arch. Whenever you stand, the bandit of the feet presses into the ground. Meanwhile when you lift the foot sometimes the arch appears otherwise you can’t see it. If we relate the arch with age all the children at birth have flat feet it appears by the age of 6 but some children still have flat feet because their arches collapsed.

Flatfeet ShoesNon- slip sole
Provide more flexibility
Low heel shoe
Special material present between sole and inner part of shoe
Normal feet ShoesSlip sole
No specialized part comparatively
High and low heel

Types of flat feet

There are four types of flat feet


When someone is standing or sitting with rigid flat feet has no arches. This state often develops with growing age. The persons may feel pain at their feet, this can be a difficult situation for moving feet in various directions. 


It’s the most common type of flat feet in which you can see the arches when you are sitting but when you put weight on your feet the arches disappears. You can deal with this situation by wearing suitable footwear.  

Adult-Acquire (Fallen Arch)

In this type of flat foot, the arch unpredictably drops or collapses. It feels pain because of inflammation.

Vertical Talus

This type is also called rocker-bottom foot and it occurs at birth. In this type, the arches are not formed in babies.

How to choose the best shoes for flat feet?

If you ever go to the shoe store, you always take a long time to decide that what and how to select the right and best footwear for yourself. That is one of the important things.

As you know our foot is one of the important parts in our body that makes your perfect body posture and also bears the whole body weight, The hind part of your foot is directly connected with your brain through nerves. There before selecting and choosing any footwear, once know and study your foot completely, the shape, size, comfortlessness, and if there is any disability.

Here we take flat feet that mostly the customer’s protest is all about. There are thousands of people who spend thousands of dollars on this stability but to be honest there are two diagnose through which you can control over flat feet.


As I mentioned surgery, it matters that in which categories the patient lies, it is just like cancer that there are different stages. It depends on the severity of flat feet, Personage, and the stiffness of the foot. In many cases, different procedures are performed.I will not give you a guarantee that every flat foot will be recovered; I already mentioned that it depends on the causes of flat feet.

In a flexible flat foot, surgery is done to maintain the movement of the foot and lift the arch. It involves tendon repairs inside the foot.

In rigid flat feet is centered to replace the shape of the foot by the plan of action to get rid of motion.

Wearing the perfect footwear

The 2nd and best solution for flat feet is by choosing the perfect footwear. Now the question is how and what will be the ideal shoe for flat feet.The absolute and short answer for this query is by selecting ‘Motion control shoe’

Motion control shoe

People with flat feet must choose comfortable shoes for their feet. Most of them require a wide suitable shoe while narrow and pointed shoes must be prevented. The shoe front should be wide enough not to compress the toes. In a wide shoe, your foot will feel more relaxed so that it reduces pain and pleasure. It also prevents several injuries.

While purchasing a shoe do remember:

The rigidity of the arches
Not compressed

List of shoes for flat feet

Sports shoes

Flat foot runners need to think more while choosing their sneakers. They have to examine running steps, foot shapes, and a fallen arch that is causing flat feet. A naturally flat feet person, when run by using arch support, can change the shape of the foot and build pressure on joints, ligaments, and muscles. It should be the best idea to choose running shoes to avoid this problem.

Men’s shoes

• This type of shoe are having a well-fixed heel to support the foot. 
• With rubber sole the shoe provides more support to overcome the risk of tendon destruction.  Working men can have a shoe that is nonslip and is suitable for workplaces.
• There is a special material embedded in the sole and the inner part of the shoes that protect the foot. 
• These shoes have a wide front that provides space for the toes to fit in easily.
• For flexibility and easy tightening and loosening you can prefer shoes with laces.

Women shoes

• The heel has less than two inches of support to protect the foot. 
• The design of the shoe balanced the foot to prevent it from rolling inward.
• It has a protected foot that supports the foot and makes it satisfying. 
• Women’s also should have shoes that have non-slip soles and are flexible.
• These shoes have special elastics attached to the sides that make them easy to put on and off.


• Always look for slippers with hard soles and heel supports. 
• Most of the slippers have heel cupping, rubber soles, and arch support. Such lightweight outer reduces pressure and weight on the feet.

Children Shoes

• Children are having flexible bones and joints when they reach the age of 6 arches gradually develop but some of them still have flat feet. 
• They have to look for those shoes which are flexible and durable for playing, walking, and running. 
• Having a solid sole will support the foot.

Hiking shoes

• Hiking boots are helpful and provide support to both feet and ankles.
• It resists the twisting of ankles while walking.
• It also helps reduce the chances of injuries.
• The sole arch of this shoe is rigid and reduces pressure.
• They have rubber soles and are waterproof and long-lasting.


The foot is the part present in the human body which gives support and bear weight, and it also helps in locomotion. The human foot is divided into three parts forefoot, mid foot, and hind foot. As it is mentioned above that flat feet are a normal condition where a person has feet with no arch. This condition does not cause trouble usually but with age sometimes these people face joint problems and osteoporosis. It has a single best solution that these people should choose their shoes wisely. The point should be noted that this is not an abnormality.

A shoe called motion control shoe is best for flat feet people. This shoe is specially designed for flat feet people that have mainly two parts. The lower part of the shoes has gone soft part and the other part is a little harder which makes it easy for the flat people to walk. If the flat feet are causing any trouble such as pain in the feet then the person should prefer wide and fitted shoes. 

The sole of the shoe is stiff at the arch area and is helps in decreasing the pressure exerted on the foot.  Flat feet people can also use ankle braces along with the motion control shoe for better results in case of any pain. This should be kept in mind while choosing shoes that which arches type of feet a person has.

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